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New Technology for Aging Workers

Senior businesswoman with eyeglasses working in the officeHere is a fascinating collection of videos of people talking about their experiences being “over 50 and out of work.” It has been shown through many studies that many unemployed seniors often have depression and anxiety as they face an uncertain future. With the aging population, many designers are revising their products for an aging workforce to help keep the elderly productive. Hopefully high tech will continue to turn it’s creative energies to provide both a profitable and valuable service.

Nobel Economist Recommends Giving Money Away

credit-squeezeRobert Schiller is an economics professor at Yale University and 2013 Nobel Laureate in financial economics for his work on predicting stock market trends and pricing assets.  In this video he highlights the improbable goal of becoming part of the super wealthy.  After covering basic expenses, he recommends giving away your wealth and investing in relationships as a better source of happiness.